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Interzoo 2006 in Germany !

February 2006 - Interzoo 2006: Define firm targets and strategically plan an exhibition presentation!

Interview with Hans-Jochen Büngener, Chairman of the Interzoo Exhibition Committee

Interzoo, which takes place from 11-14 May 2006, has been the leading exhibition for the global pet supplies industry for many years. Around 1,200 exhibitors are expected in Nürnberg. Just booking a stand, however, is no guarantee for a successful presentation. The most important requirements for successful exhibiting are firm targets, strategic planning and training of stand staff.

What are the advantages and opportunities of exhibiting at Interzoo?

Hans-Jochen Büngener: Leading exhibitions like Interzoo are marketplaces for ideas, product innovations and trends. Exhibitors can intensively test and promote the worldwide sales opportunities for their products and services during the four days of the exhibition. Here the strategic success factor of customer proximity takes on a special key role. The opportunities for personal and successful dialogue are unrivalled at Interzoo, as it is the meeting-place for the Who’s Who of the international pet supplies industry. To make sure these advantages contribute to his success, the exhibitor must first define firm targets and strategically plan the presentation at the exhibition in a professional way.

Which success factors do exhibitors use too little in your view?

Hans-Jochen Büngener: The business relationships and decisions of exhibition visitors are influenced mainly by their perception of the customer advisers, their products and the overall presentation. However, many exhibitors concentrate only on the presentation of their products and forget the visitors on the stand. The questions “Who will we meet” and “How do we prepare for them” frequently remain unanswered. Exhibitors at an international trade fair should be prepared and know who the visitors are, where they come from and what they are interested in. Their branch of industry, position in the company and language and cultural background must also be considered as these factors affect the type of approach to the customer, how talks are conducted and the service and atmosphere on an exhibition stand.

What are the expectations and aims of Interzoo visitors in Nürnberg?

Hans-Jochen Büngener: At the last Interzoo in 2004, 59 per cent of the experts came to Nürnberg to source information on new products, 39 per cent wanted to obtain an overview of the market, 38 per cent visited Interzoo to make new business contacts and 38 % to cultivate existing contacts. Other reasons for visiting the exhibition are to get new ideas, exchange views, observe the competition or prepare for investment and purchases. Exhibitors can download an analysis of visitors and exhibitors at the last Interzoo together with other useful information from the Web site at
www.interzoo.com (heading: "Exhibitors").

What targets should Interzoo exhibitors set their sights on?

Hans-Jochen Büngener: The exhibitors should pursue concrete, visitor-orientated marketing, communication and market research targets that correspond to the interests of the Interzoo visitors and determine the whole organizational preparation through to handling and target control for the exhibition. Presenting new products is not an exhibition target, but the target could be to test the response to new products and sound out export chances or co-operation possibilities and so optimize targeted product launches. Exhibitors can also check how certain trends, services and price structures are accepted. The large bandwidth of possibilities at an exhibition results from the opportunity for personal contact with a large number of potential customers. No other medium offers such opportunities and exhibitors should take advantage of them.

How can exhibitors advertise their presence at Interzoo?

Hans-Jochen Büngener: Advertising, press and public relations work are essential components of planning an exhibition. The approach to visitors must be just as intensively prepared as the stand concept. The fact that a company is exhibiting is not suitable news for a press report, but the presentation of real new products, improved products and intelligent user solutions is. When organizing their exhibition marketing, exhibitors should bear in mind that most trade visitors cannot stroll pleasantly and aimlessly through the exhibition halls for days on end. According to the Nürnberg Messeforum, the average trade visitor is at the event for about 1.2 days and spends up to 90 per cent of his time on appointments arranged with selected stands before the exhibition. Directly inviting company customers using guest cards and visitor brochures and arranging appointments for meetings are therefore especially effective for exhibitors. The guest card gives trade visitors free admission to Interzoo, as the exhibitor pays the admission fee. All Interzoo exhibitors have already received guest cards and visitor brochures in their communication package and more can be ordered at any time.

What must exhibitors take into account when planning their exhibition presentation?

Hans-Jochen Büngener: To ensure successful exhibiting, it is advisable to define clear targets and to suitably train and motivate the stand staff. Any unsuccessful presentation is noticed by visitors and competitors and directly determines the image of the exhibiting company. Many companies only prepare their employees for questions about products and product characteristics, but stand visitors expect the stand staff to give them a friendly reception, devote time to them, listen to them and respond to their needs. On the other hand, overpowering monologues on the advantages of the product spectrum usually do not go down well. The stand staff are frequently not sufficiently informed about the concrete targets for the exhibition and accordingly unmotivated and uncertain. Unmotivated and incompetent staff on the stand can ruin the most beautiful Corporate Design and the most powerful acquisition strategy.

The follow-up is unfortunately often the poor relation of exhibition planning. Valuable contacts are frequently followed up after the exhibition too late or not at all. Exhibitors should therefore define before the exhibition exactly what measures are to be taken for following up contacts, the time limit for such action and who is responsible – for example, Sales or Field Service. The evaluation of detailed contact reports created during the exhibition provides a professional basis for follow-up actions. If orders, offers and information material are rapidly processed and dispatched after the exhibition, the exhibitor proves to his customers that the attractive presentation at the exhibition is backed up by a reliable business partner.

The promoter of Interzoo is Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Zoologischer Fachbetriebe GmbH (WZF), which has appointed NürnbergMesse GmbH for the organization of the exhibition.

Application documents can be requested from:

NürnbergMesse GmbH
Interzoo Project Team
90471 Nürnberg
Tel +49 (0) 9 11. 86 06-85 86 or -81 28
Fax +49 (0) 9 11. 86 06-82 87

              InterZoo 2006 !

Interzoo 2006: Define firm targets and strategically plan an exhibition presentation!

Interview with Hans-Jochen Büngener, Chairman of the Interzoo Exhibition Committee...


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